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【Premium】Enhance Night Cream 高效活膚滋潤晚霜

【Premium】Enhance Night Cream 高效活膚滋潤晚霜

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【Premium】Enhance Night Cream 高效活膚滋潤晚霜

One of the most recommended products in the world, it's non-greasy, highly effective in firming and moisturising, rich in nutrients such as ginseng, and takes advantage of the "golden hour" of nighttime skin care to form a protective film on the skin, increasing the amount of oxygen stored in the cells and boosting skin vitality. This nourishes and feeds the cells, making them healthy and restoring the skin's moisturising and firming properties. 

This product was tested and found to be free of mercury and heavy metals among 30 products from well-known mid-to-high-end brands, making it a very safe and highly rated skincare product.

深受外界推介的皇牌產品之一,潤而不膩,高效緊緻、保濕,蘊含人蔘等高營養配方,把握晚間肌膚修護「黃金時機」為肌膚形成保護膜,增加細胞存氧量,帶動肌膚增生力,能養潤細胞,令細胞變得健康,使肌膚回復潤澤、緊緻。此產品被 394 期選擇月刊抽檢為測試產品,於 30 款著名中高檔品牌產品中,其顯示不含任何水銀及重金屬成分,屬非常安全及總評滿意度高之護膚產品。

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