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G-PowerLift+ 離子射頻緊膚儀

G-PowerLift+ 離子射頻緊膚儀

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【G-PowerLift+】  離子射頻緊膚儀

GLYCEL leads the new technology of home beauty instrument, the new upgraded version of the beauty treatment level living skin instrument G-PowerLift + Ion Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Instrument makes a grand debut, the revolutionary first combination of Galvanic Ion Guidance Technology, RF Skin Tightening Radio Frequency and LED light resurfacing technology, the top scientific research on different skin problems, the 3 kinetic energy activation of the skin, triggering the effect of 8 times the repair, locking the dermis layer, a one-time lifting, skin tightening, whitening, stripe removal, purification, V-face, nutrient injection, resurfacing, and bringing the professional beauty treatment into the daily skin care routine to reshape the skin 360° flawless, firm and supple skin!

GLYCEL領航家用美容儀新科技,全新升級版美療級活肌儀G-PowerLift+離子射頻緊膚儀隆重登場,革命性首度結合Galvanic 離子引導科技、RF活膚射頻與LED光能煥顏技術,頂尖科研針對不同皮膚問題,3動能激活肌膚,引發8次元修護效果,鎖定真皮層,一次過提升、緊膚、美白、去紋、淨化、V面、注養、煥膚,將專業級的美容療程帶到日常護膚程序中,360°重塑無瑕緊緻嫩肌!

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